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**NO LONGER RELEVANT** - Covid-19 - Policies & Procedures

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Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment

New Salon Protocols


The booking system will automatically text out a COVID-19 Health Questionnaire 48 hours before every appointment.


1. By appointment only.
We are not allowing walk ins at the moment to allow for adequate and controlled social distancing.
Please get in touch to arrange a time to come in for patch tests, voucher and product purchases.

2. Please don't come in if you're feeling unwell.
Get in touch asap and we'll reschedule your appointment.

3. Please wait outside. We'll call you in when we're ready.
We will be limiting the amount of people in the salon at any one time, waiting areas are out of bounds.
You are welcome to wait in your car a short distance away, just text us to let us know that you're here, and we'll reply or call for you to come in.

4. Please be punctual. 
We will be running a very tight schedule to allow for adequate social distancing & cleaning gaps between clients. If you are late we may not be able to carry out your full treatment, but full payment must still be made.

5. Please come alone.
Children, friends, family or partners are no longer allowed to come and wait inside for you.

6. A face covering must be worn when you're in the premises.
You can provide your own, or we can provide a surgical mask for an additional charge of £1.
We will be wearing all our PPE when interacting with clients.
We are going above the government recommended guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible.

7. Sanitise on arrival.

On entering the salon you must sanitise your hands using the dispenser by the door. Pop your belongings by the correct treatment area. Then proceed through to the w/c to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 
We will be washing our hands and using sanitiser in between clients and throughout treatments.

8. Try & keep personal belongings to a minimum.
Once you have washed your hands you will need to try to not touch your things again until the end of your appointment.
Phones, keys, etc will need to stay in your bag. So it would be a good idea to send us any nail ideas, for example, beforehand.

9. Please wear warm clothing.
We can no longer provide towels and blankets, and we are going to have to keep the salon well ventilated to keep a fresh airflow. 
We want you to have a comfortable experience and not be cold.

10. The consumption of food & drink is not allowed on the premises.
Water is okay and can be provided in disposable cups, however, it would mean removing your face covering, which isn't ideal.

11. Toilet facilities.

Toilet facilities can be used. However, we would prefer where possible for you to go before you come for your appointment, just to keep the amount of people using the bathroom to a minimum.
Obviously we understand there can be emergency situations and medical conditions which mean people will need to use the facilities.
After using the toilet it must be cleaned.

12. Contactless payments where possible.
We will accept cash but we will have a system in place for 'dirty & clean' money.
We all accept bank transfers. And Jo now also accepts card payments for products and services.

13. Appointment timings, infection control, and breaks.

We will be leaving adequate breaks between clients for thorough cleaning & disinfecting of tools, equipment & surfaces.
Also so we can have small, and much needed, PPE & water breaks. 
This is another reason why we'll call you in for your appointment when we're ready.

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