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**A patch test is required at least 48 hours before any Permanent Makeup treatment.**

**OR a scratch test can be carried out no less than 2 hours before the treatment.**

**We recommend scratch tests for all clients with known allergies to things such as pigments/dyes.**

A non-refundable booking fee of £80 will be taken to secure your appointment slot.

A consultation is required before any treatment takes place. When all medical consultations have been filled in and signed and we're happy to proceed, the actual treatment can be carried out.

You will come back in 4-8 weeks time once the initial treatment has fully healed for a free perfecting treatment. This stage is not always required, depending on the healing of the original treatment.

You will need a Colour Boost treatment to keep your lips looking good through the years. The timeframe for this varies depending on lots of contributing factors (for example, sun exposure, skin type, aftercare). It can be anywhere between 8 months to 3 years.

If there is no colour present from the last treatment then it is classed as a new treatment, not a colour boost.

Lip Blush

Can be used to enhance the lips, to add definition, the illusion of fullness, and smudge free colour.

The colour doesn't have to be bold, we can tailor it to suit each clients needs.

**Prices include a consultation, the actual treatment & a free 4-8 week perfecting appointment.** 


Colour Boost - 8-12 Months

Colour Boost - 12-18 Months

Colour Boost - 18-24 Months

Colour Boost - 24 Months Onwards


from £150

from £180

from £210

prices vary

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