I have been in the Beauty industry since 2007. Over the years I have developed a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the treatments I offer. I absolutely love learning, and widening my understanding of old & new treatments.

If I had to pick my favourite treatments to perform I'd choose nails & nail art, anything to do with advanced skincare, and eyebrow treatments. I basically enjoy any treatment where you can see/make a difference quite quickly, and get real job satisfaction from making the client happy.

My favourite part of my job as a whole is definitely the people. I enjoy getting to know clients, and I now consider many of them my friends. I take pride in the fact that a lot of my clients feel like they can tell me anything & quite often refer to me as their 'therapist'. I always joke that I'm cheaper than therapy with the added bonus that you get your nails done too!

I try not to take life too seriously. And you'll always find me with a gigantic brew by my side!






I've been in the Beauty industry for 12 years now and I absolutely love my job! 

I work at the salon part-time at the moment as I spend the rest of my time looking after my little girl, Ruby, who is 3.

Aside from the actual job, I also love listening to my clients & hearing about their lives. I think it's really important for them to feel relaxed & comfortable around me when they're receiving treatments.

I also love learning new things and going on courses to widen the range of treatments that I can offer. 

If I was to pick my favourite treatment to do it would have to be nails. When my clients have had their nails done they quite often comment on how much better they look & how much better they feel. I love that feeling, knowing that I have helped to make someones day that little bit brighter, and given somebody that extra boost of confidence. 


I qualified as a beauty therapist in 2014. I love my job, but I especially love doing nails. It is something I could do all day. I also love doing lashes. I'd say my favourite treatments are the ones that give instant results and make us look glamorous.

I have been at Joli since the start of 2018, and I feel very lucky to be a part of this team.

I have recently come back to the salon after my maternity leave, after having my little girl, Peggy Rose. I am thoroughly enjoying being a mum but I couldn't wait to be back at the salon, seeing my lovely clients, and getting to know some new ones too.

I would love to learn some new skills in the future, so I will be looking into some new training very soon.



I have always loved beauty and being creative. It wasn't until after I had my little boy, Jackson (now two and a half), that I decided to finally put myself on a nail course. I absolutely LOVED it, I just knew that this was the career for me. I can't wait to get myself booked on more courses in the future, to further my knowledge, and challenge myself even more.

I'm truly passionate about giving my clients healthy natural nails, but I also love how this craft allows me to be artistic with intricate, hand drawn nail art. I feel I am always learning something new, and I love it when clients bring new design ideas to me! I love giving clients that 'wow' moment when they look down at their nails.

I am  part-time at the salon as I am a busy mum. But I just love to escape to work at the salon and have a good natter with my lovely clients and the other girls that work there.