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Nail Services Aftercare

・Wear Gloves.
Make sure you wear gloves when doing any washing up or cleaning.
Chemicals & detergents will break down your nail coating and compromise longevity.
Don't worry about hand wash & bath/shower products, these do not affect nail coatings. However, alcohol hand sanitising gel can.

・Don't use your nails as tools.
When doing your nails we always cap the free edge of your nail, if you use your nails to pick at things, this coating on the edge will be worn away and lifting can occur.

・Don't pick your nails off.
Nail coatings when applied properly, and removed properly DO NOT damage the natural nails. Incorrect removal definitely does though!
If you pull off your nail coating you will most certainly take layers of nail with it, thinning the nail, causing damage & making them weak.

・Nails & water.
If you love a long bath try and keep your hands out of the water for the majority of the time.
Water causes the natural nail to become soft & bendy, but the nail coating will stay hard. This can cause the soft natural nail to peel away from the gel.

・Certain suncreams & insect repellants can cause lifting & discolouration.
Make sure you wash your nails after applying these kinds of products to avoid this happening.

・Cuticle Oil.
Regular use of cuticle oil actually helps your mani last longer, keeping the nail coating soft & flexible so it can move with the natural nail.

It is recommended you have your nails redone every 3-4 weeks.
This is so your nails don't get too long and start to bend and break.


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