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Hair Removal Aftercare

For 24 hours (48 hours if extremely sensitive) -
・Don't touch the waxed area.
・Don't apply makeup, fake tan or perfumed products to the waxed area.
・Keep the area cool.
・Avoid exercise, sweating, swimming.
・You can have warm baths/showers but not hot ones.
・Don't use a sunbed, sauna, steam room.
・After intimate waxing, avoid intercourse.

Make sure to gently exfoliate the area as the hairs start growing back through to avoid ingrowing hairs.

How often you need waxing done varies from area to area, and person to person. But here are a few averages -
Eyebrows & lip - 2-4 weeks.
Legs - 4-6 weeks.
Bikini area - 3-6 weeks.
Underarm - 3-4 weeks.

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